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Skipper of seagoing vessel 40GT

The Skipper of Seagoing Vessel up to 40 GT is a theory and practical course preparing you for the final exam (written test) with the Maritime Administration of Bulgaria. The course is taught in English and covers all the basics of navigation and seamanship, position fixing, calculating true and magnetic course to steer, working with marine charts, anticollision rules and safety at sea etc.


The course includes online teaching platform in English!

Following dates:

14th May 2024
04th June 2024
02nd July 2024

Price 600 Euro


For further information please contact us:


+359 885 04 22 54 Tanya Dzhachkova  or

+359 886 91 21 91 Vencslav Dobrinov

Number of students: 17
Vacancies: 17
Price: 800 BGN